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May 222014

west-byron**UPDATE**  Unfortunately Cr Rose Wanchap (Byron Greens) defeated the motion siding with pro-development councillors against her own party (See full story here).  Thanks to everyone who showed their support.  Rose’s email is below if you would like to give her any feedback.

If you’re still in the mood to help protect our beautiful part of the world please help us secure strong environmental protection for our region’s natural areas here.

Byron Council Mayor Simon Richardson is putting forward an urgency motion for Council to request the Minister defer rezoning of West Byron for the reasons set out below. He faces some strong opposition from his fellow Councillors.

It would make a HUGE difference if you could all send an email to the Councillors expressing your support for the motion.

The West Byron development — if it gets approved — would be the largest development in Byron Bay’s history.  It would increase the population of Byron by 25-30% and cause traffic gridlock throughout the already busy town and surrounds.  The pro-development NSW government has taken this decision out of the hands of the local community.  Go here for more info…

Here are the Councillors email addresses:



The Mayor’s Motion

I move that Council:

In light of the appointment of a new Minister of Planning, the Hon. Pru
Goward; the imminence of an outcome on the Rezoning application made to the
State by proponents (not by Council); and noting the deep concern of the
broad community regarding the adequacy of the planning processes as part of
the assessment of suitability for rezoning the West Byron Urban Release
Area, I move that Council request the Minister of Planning to defer the
assessment of suitability for rezoning the West Byron Urban Release Area

1. A comprehensive traffic study is undertaken that follows RMS (formerly
RTA) guidelines and accounts for the all impacts of the traffic generated
by the full 1,100 homes and all the traffic generated by the proposed
retail and light industrial businesses, given that the proponents’ study
considered traffic movements of only 856 homes and only counted the
employees but not any of the clients of those businesses.

2. A site-specific Acid Sulfate Soils Study has been produced and
considered in accordance with the Department of Planning Acid Sulfate Soils
Planning Guidelines. This is fundamental to assessing the site’s
suitability for the proposed urban, business and light industrial
zoning and would
assess the likely impacts of the proposed development and associated
drainage works on the health of the Belongil estuary.

3. The Byron Coast Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) is
completed and the zoning and development control requirements of the Draft
be taken into account as the proposed rezoning will significantly affect
the core Koala habitat and buffers identified in the plan. The Draft KPoM
was exhibited on the11 February 2014 and is in the process of being
finalised by Byron Shire Council.

4. The Local Growth Management Strategy (LGMS) is completed and the West
Byron Urban Release suitability assessment is considered in the context of
the LGMS that Byron Shire Council has resolved to prepare this year, in
order to follow the principles of the Department of Planning’s *Settlement
Planning Guidelines, *and to ensure the zoning meets the requirements of
the DoP’s 2007 *Far North Coast Regional Strategy’s *dwelling targets.

5. A baseline assessment of the Belongil creek/estuary is completed to
more accurately measure future impacts.

6. All environmental and ecological aspects, when determining the
suitability for rezoning, are considered upfront, as Minister Stokes
recently stated was important.

 May 22, 2014  News