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Jan 222013

Andy Baker 22.01.13

The E4 ‘Environmental Living’ zone allows for low density residential development, while ensuring the environmental values of the site are maintained within the development.  These protections may be removed permanently by the Planning Minister allowing unfettered residential development in some of the Shire’s most precious non-rural environments.

Within Byron Shire E4 has been proposed at 5 locations:

  1. Lilli Pilli Estate – Byron Bay
  2. Marshall’s Creek – New Brighton
  3. Marshall’s Creek- South Golden Beach
  4. Brunswick River – Mullumbimby
  5. Coastal Cypress Forest – Suffolk Park

1.  Lilli Pilli Estate – Byron Bay

  • Our endnagered koalaContains the core habitat for the last remaining Koala population in Byron Bay
  • Several large remnants of High Conservation Value (HCV) native vegetation
  • Remnant old-growth forest trees  throughout remainder
  • Known records for numerous threatened flora and fauna including Koala, Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail, Bush-Hen, Planigale, White Lace-Flower and Green-leaved Rose Walnut
  • Likely habitat for dozens of additional threatened species including Olongburra Frog, Australasian Bittern, Black Bittern, Little Bentwing-bat, Eastern Long-eared Bat, Greater Broad-nosed Bat, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Queensland Xylosma and Stinking Cryptocarya
  • Lies within a regionally significant corridor linking coastal vegetation to the north and south of Byron Bay


2.  Marshall’s Creek – New Brighton

  • Entire area classed as primary Koala habitat in the Byron Coast Koala Habitat Study
  • Dominated by HCV native vegetation
  • Remnant mature forest trees throughout remainder
  • Within 100m buffer of Cape Byron Marine Park
  • Likely habitat for numerous threatened species including the Koala, Little Bentwing-bat, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Black Bittern, Bush-Hen, Planigale, White Lace-Flower and Stinking Cryptocarya
  • Forms part of the important coastal corridor along Marshall’s Creek


3.  Marshall’s Creek- South Golden Beach

  • Dominated by Endangered Ecological Community – Swamp Sclerophyll Forest
  • Dominated by HCV native vegetation
  • Within 100m buffer of Cape Byron Marine Park
  • Likely habitat for numerous threatened species includng the Mangrove honey-eater, Little Bentwing-bat, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Stinking Cryptocarya, Olongburra Frog, Australasian Bittern and Black Bittern

4.  Brunswick River – Mullumbimby

  • Contains large areas of  Endangered Ecological Community – Swamp Oak Forest on Floodplain
  • Contains large remnant of HCV native vegetation
  • Contains part of the largest Flying-fox colony in Byron Shire
  • Within 100m buffer of Cape Byron Marine Park
  • Known habitat for Osprey, Grey-headed and Black Flying Foxes, Marblewood and Durobby


5.  Coastal Cypress Forest – Suffolk Park

  • Dominated by Endangered Ecological Community – Coastal Cypress Pine Forest
  • Dominated by HCV native vegetation
  • Likely habitat for numerous threatened species Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail, Planigale, Olongburra Frog, Australian Bittern, Black Bittern, White Lace Flower, Queensland Xylosma, Green-leaved Rose Walnut and Stinking Cryptocarya

Please Help!

E4 zones are currently at risk of being removed forever from these precious areas of urban bushland.  Please send a submission to the Minister to ensure his Review of our environmental protection zones is fair and balanced.

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 January 22, 2013  News