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Oct 252012

Subtropical Rainforest - Mooball, Tweed Shire

  • Subtropical Rainforest
  • Listed as an Endangered Ecological Community
  • Likely habitat for numerous threatened fauna species including several species of large owl
  • Likely habitat for dozens of threatened flora species including numerous orchids, trees, shrubs and vines
Threats without e-zone protection

This forest is bounded by agricultural lands on all sides.  The removal of e-zones could leave this forest vulnerable to clearing for the following development:

  • Intensive livestock agriculture – dairies, feedlots, piggeries and poultry farms
  • Intensive plant agriculture – irrigated crops, plant nurseries and turf farms
  • Mining operations
  • Forestry operations
  • Dams, weirs or reservoirs
  • Farm dwellings – houses, accommodation & rural workers’ dwellings
  • Quarrying for sand, soil, gravel and rock
  • Farming infrastructure – machinery sheds, stock yards, rural supplies and rural worker’s dwellings
 October 25, 2012  Case Studies, Locations