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Jun 052014
Celebrate World Environment Day with EZones

Today is World Environment Day 2014! So, Think Globally and Act Locally by giving our north coast forests, wetlands and wildlife habitats the gift of strong environmental protection by sending a quick submission  today. (closes midnight tonight – June 5) DOWNLOAD OUR SUBMISSION GUIDE HERE      The long-awaited Review of Environmental Zones on the NSW

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 June 5, 2014  News
May 222014
Urgent Motion to Save West Byron

**UPDATE**  Unfortunately Cr Rose Wanchap (Byron Greens) defeated the motion siding with pro-development councillors against her own party (See full story here).  Thanks to everyone who showed their support.  Rose’s email is below if you would like to give her any feedback. If you’re still in the mood to help protect our beautiful part of the

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 May 22, 2014  News
May 192014
EZone Review loophole may weaken protection against CSG

Andy Baker – May 20, 2014 The Review of Environment Protection Zones released last week is to be commended for endorsing the expanded use of EZones on the NSW far north coast. However other recommendations may actually weaken protections against Coal Seam Gas extraction in our most precious natural areas. The recently released EZone review supports the use

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 May 19, 2014  News
May 162014
Review backs environmental zones on north coast

Andy Baker – May 16 2014 In late 2012, over 27,000 hectares of the far north coast’s unique forests, wetlands and wildlife habitats were to be protected under Local Environmental Plans. But the State Government halted the process, saying these environmental assets should remain open for residential and agricultural development. It excised all proposed environmental

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 May 16, 2014  News
Mar 152014
Save the Broken Head Coast Road Trees

What’s happening? Byron Shire Council has (so far) marked about 40 big, old Tallowwoods, Blackbutts and Red Mahoganies on the Coast Road for potential removal. Where? Next to the Coast Road north of the Broken Head Hall. Look for the painted numbers on the trunks.  Why?  Council wants to do road works.  Why are the

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 March 15, 2014  News
Jun 262013
Last-minute Submissions Made Easy!

Running out of time to put in a submission to the NSW Planning reforms? Want to speak up but not sure what to say? We’ve got 2 easy options to get a submission off in minutes… Option 1 Formal submission in 3 minutes   Open the template here Fill in your details (top and bottom) –

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 June 26, 2013  News
Jun 242013
NSW Planning Changes - A Body Blow to Communities Fighting Coal and Gas Mining

Lock The Gate Alliance – 24.06.13  The NSW Government has developed a whole new planning system for NSW, which replaces the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  After the long shadow cast by the coal-mining corruption scandals in the Hunter Valley, the Government had promised that the new system would hand power back to communities

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 June 24, 2013  News
Jun 132013
Have your say - NSW Planning Changes (FINAL WEEK)

The NSW Government’s proposed new planning system will profoundly affect all NSW residents and currently threatens to undermine community consulation, our natural environment and the amenity of our local neighbourhoods. Proposed changes include: 80% of all development in NSW will be assessed with no community consultation and little environmental assessment as complying or code development

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 June 13, 2013  News
May 072013
NSW Councils Ambushed over Environment Zones

Under proposed new planning laws, the NSW Government will automatically rezone critical environmental protection zones across the state for rural and residential development. The sweeping changes would see all environmentally sensitive lands currently protected under Local Environment Plans as E3 ‘Environmental Management’ and E4 ‘Environmental Living’ zones automatically rezoned to Residential or Rural Zones by 2014.

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 May 7, 2013  News
May 062013
E-Zone Review Update

The E-zone Review is currently being prepared, with an Interim Report expected in June 2013. Here’s a brief outline of the steps involved…

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 May 6, 2013  News