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Oct 262012
What's at Stake

Our region is a recognised biodiversity hotspot of national and international significance, and our natural areas underpin our stunning landscapes and our treasured way of life . But all this may be threatened if we lose protection from our precious natural, and our community will be robbed of its right to decide the future of its local and regional environment.

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Oct 252012
Why E-zones?

Environmental zones have been applied in NSW for more than 30 years, and provide the most basic layer of protection in our hard-won system of environmental protection laws – providing the essential trigger for independent assessment, community consultation and all other protection laws.

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Oct 242012
Reality Check

There are many myths floating around about E-zones and a good dose of scare mongering too! We’d like to set the facts straight around some of the misinformation out there.

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Oct 202012

We’ve protected our natural areas with environment zones for 25 years. Now the NSW Government wants to take away them protections in order fast track development. The move is extraordinary and unprecedented in NSW and overrides more ten years of extensive scientific investigations and consultation with the community, industry and relevant government agencies.

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